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Sebastian paced back and forth in his room. He was such an idiot. Why did he do all that? Avoiding Rachel, than insulting her relationship with Blaine…it would be obvious. Did he have to ruin everything? He stopped walking when he realized what he was doing. “No no no…supposed to be getting ready…” He muttered to himself. Why was he acting like such a loser? He turned to his mirror and smirked. If Rachel could see him now, she’d talk about what a huge ego he had. He shrugged to himself as he stared at his reflection. How couldn’t he? 

Then he looked at the time, the clock above his bed ticking loudly. She was probably waiting. Impatiently, at that. She couldn’t be delighted with him right about now. He walked to his closet and picked up a pair of dark washed jeans. These usually showed off his ass nicely. He’d picked up many a hot gay in these. He pulled them on quickly. He picked up his wallet and his keys, and rushed down the stairs and out the door.

The heat hit him like a wave. June in New York was a bitch. He should’ve worn shorts. He hesitated, considering changing into something smaller but then shook his head. He was late enough. A pang of worry hit his belly as he thought about how she’d be. She’d been pretty moody until he mentioned shopping. Maybe this would really be making things up to her? He hopped in the car and sped off, trying to concentrate on the road. He’d had issues with driving for a while and he didn’t want his anxiety to get to him too badly. 

When he finally arrived at Rachel’s apartment complex he sat in his car for about two seconds. He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself, just like his therapist had recommended and climbed out. He hurried into her building, missing his car’s air conditioning compared to the heat of the NYC sun. He got to her door, took a deep breath and painting a smirk on his face before knocking. 

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